Do more things that make your happy…..Simple right?

So this is our story, our “motto” if you like and we’ve decided to take our adventures and experiences online as we move through the roller coaster that is life.

Who are we…


Hey. So my name is Adam, A Scotsman currently living in Nottingham, England. I Spending most of my time in the river Trent training, rafting or on the river bank coaching the sport i love, Canoe Slalom.

                   When I’m not playing around in the water I spend most of my time taking pictures of our beautiful cocker spaniel Oscar, Travelling and trying to learn guitar…..trying being a very weighted word !!

Other likes include music, cars and following other peoples story’s online.


Hey, So my mother named me  ‘Catrin’….. a welsh variation of Catherine. But I also answer to ‘Katherine, Caitlin, Catrina and Kaytrin’ as my name gets mispronounced more often than not. I normally introduce my self as Cat, just to try and make things a little simpler..

I spend most of my time treating sports injuries, training a cute but disobedient puppy, watching and reading Vlogs/Blogs, making music, and trying to steal my side of the bed back off Adam ( he would disagree)!!

Just to finish…THANK YOU for visiting our page.

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