#VanLife (Part 1 – Adam)

So it has finally happened…..We have purchased our van!


Last year, following a breakup I ( Adam)  lived in my car for a good two months whilst I went about deciding how I was best to go about my life . I know it sounds horrible, living in a car, but it actually wasn’t too bad. I had a great bunch of mates who helped me through it all. I was  also lucky to sell most of what I owned,which effectively left me living ‘minimalistically’. Living in a car also taught me a lot about myself ,and to be honest, it’s a move that made me start looking at canoeing ( a passion of mine which I neglected) in a more positive light. In a round about way, living in a car led me to happiness.

Following all this, I started to question….could i do this?… could I live a life on the road?

Not long after all this, Cat and I started spending more and more time together,  adventuring on road trips, climbing mountains or travelling round the welsh coast line (which is amazing by the way!). It soon became clear that as much as my trusty MG ZT-T had been great to me, my lifestyle change just wouldn’t be sustainable in a car….. but fast forward a few months later… I upgraded, we upgraded and finally got our first van!

The Plan:

So the plan was to vlog/blog about our conversion over the next few week/months……As it stands, I ( Adam) have actually moved in. I moved into the van mid August 2017 since purchasing it in July. Completing a aan conversion whilst living in it is a total BALLACHE! Luckily, I have an amazing mother, (I should really tell her that more often)…shes been great with letting me store stuff and building parts at hers in Scotland over last few weeks. Therefore, currently in the van I  have the basics…..bed, running water, storage, lights, power….(but no gas…working on this one!).  Needless to say once that is done, the conversion is pretty much complete bar a few bits and bobs decorating wise.


Thoughts so far…

Well, it gets incredibility messy very quickly!

Imagine having an energetic puppy bouncing around the van post swim in the river… It doesn’t take long for it to become a shit-tip!.  Once we I have completed the cupboards and storage in the van so that my clothes aren’t scattered about.. this should become less of an issue.

One of the biggest problems people foresee about the ‘van life’ lifestyle is parking up to sleep. If I’m honest, I am yet to have an issue with this. Luckily, there are many  van friendly spots around where I live. People don’t seem to care or even realise. That said, I am very careful not to make my presence known.. in terms of noise, light or just general annoying “neighbour” habits that people pick up on. Touch wood… this will remain plain sailing!

The biggest and most positive thing for me about this lifestyle is just the freedom it gives you. Training and post training activities are so easy as my home, as well as all the kit I need is always right with me. If I need to sleep, I can sleep. If I need a change of clothes, I have my whole wardrobe!  Day trips can turn into overnight trips without the cost of accommodation or hours in a car afterwards travelling home. It just feels right…

More on this topic in part 2…

Keep an eye out….this is just the start of many adventures and things to come in this section of our blog.

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