July Favorites 2017


The Last Place You Look – Kristen LepionkaImage result

I’ll be honest. I have never been a massive lover of fictional books. But this book caught my eye and I’m so glad it did.

This book is a stunning crime fiction which left me impatient and wanting answers. It has a million leads and plot twists  and this is intensified by the knowledge that there is a time pressure to save an innocent man ( or is he?) from death row. The main character, Roxanne, is a kick ass private investigator. I kept imagining her as Jessica Jones ( Netflix series), both kick ass and struggling with grief and alcoholism. Roxanne however lacked the superhuman strength abilities that Jessica Jones did but sure did make up for it in courage and intelligence.


I loved this book so much so that I decided to send it down south to my friend in the south of the country for her to enjoy.I hope Kirsten Lepionka continues to write,  preferably a sequel.


The Circle ( Netflix film)


Although this film has its funny side, it shares a very serious message. It highlights the power of technology and how it can transform our lives if we let it. It lets you see and imagine what could happen should we let corporate companies into the most private aspects of our lives.  Of course, technology can help save lives but it could potentially make your life not worth living. It shows how social networks can seemingly take over every little bit of our lives and every thought and action is taken in relation to how you may be portrayed on the media.

Despite having futuristic ideas and concepts, the movie intelligently taps in to little areas of our lives that we can familiarise with. In turn this adds to the emotion and forces yo u to put yourself in the main characters shoes. For me, this is a must watch.

From Van to Home – Vandogtravellervan-conversion-book-from-van-to-home-cover-3d-5

I’m sure many of you will know, but for those who don’t, Adam and I bought a van this month.  We are currently in the process of transforming the van into a home. We are filming every little bit of it on our go pro and we can’t wait to document out project on youtube once it is completed. We have spent months planning and searching the web on how best to complete this project under a tight budget. Mike Hudsons e-book- ‘From Van to Home’ has helped us tremendously and we quickly saved the £10 spent as the book helped us avoid the purchase of unnecessary equipment.


World Championships – Bratislava.

Image result for world championships bratislava

This month has been so enjoyable for Adam and I …. having spent almost half of it away in Bratislava, Slovakia.  I ( Cat) was invited to travel with the British GP Under 23 and Junior Slalom staff and athletes to support and learn more about physiotherapy at the elite level.  It was soo inspiring to watch the athletes compete, and it was so special being able to witness all their hard work and dedication equate in reaching goals and podium appearances.  I also enjoyed getting to know the staff members all of which I enjoyed working with.  The only downside to the trip was burning my knees in the sun and saying goodbyes.


Pilates -Matwork APPI

Image result for appi pilates

This month I enrolled to complete the APPI Matwork pilates course in September.  I am forever stressing the importance of core stability in work and I can’t wait to learn more about it. One step closer towards being a pilates instructor- Classes starting end of Sept! Eek!





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