June In a Nutshell.

Its almost the end of the June…. and I thought I would share a few little things that stood out for me this month!

American Gods : Season 1

This american television series genuinely made me look forward to Monday mornings.  
It is soo gripping and exciting. I love programs / movies that play with my mind and leave me thinking and deliberating for a while after the episode. American Gods does just that. It is a mix of old and new. A mix of futuristic ideas and life long traditions. It challenges deep beliefs with new possibilities and concepts.

I truly haven’t been this excited about an American TV series, since Game of Thrones.

It has been rated  a solid 5 stars on rotten tomatoes and you will be doing yourself a disservice should you chose not to watch this!


Love Island Memes

Last year I got hooked on Love Island after finding out Daniel Lukakis was going to be featuring on the show ( I knew Dan as were in the same year studying Physiotherapy to at Keele University)


This years cast is just as exciting.  I look forward to getting home late from work and settling at 9pm with a cup of tea, supper, my housemates and love island on TV. In addition to this the Love Island Memes on Facebook are terrific.  I also found it hilarious when Blazing Squads – Love on the line came on on the radio and I managed to remember most of the lyrics for it – Cringe!

Holme Pierrepoint  National Water Sports Centre. 

This week, I experienced White Water Tubing for the fist time.   Although I got caught out and sucked under almost every eddy, it was such an exhilarating feeling when I finally managed to surf the wave (and felt somewhat in control).



Not only is tubing an amazing learning experience, it is also a wonderful form of exercise. My arms were sore for two days but it was definitely worth it.

See link here to find out more about tubing at Holme Pierrepoint.

Hiko Jackpot Buoyancy Aid


Sticking on the theme of white water. Hiko released a new innovation which is the Hiko Jackpot Buoyancy aid.

It has been approved by ICF. It is very thin in comparison to their former stock, and this is thought be hugely advantageous in the sport of Canoe Slalom. See Jana Dukatova’s vlog here, where she discusses the new buoyancy aid. If you are interested see hickosport.com for further information.

Carrie Hope Fletcher at Nottingham Royal Theatre- The Adams Family.


Her You Tube channel ‘its way past my bed time’ boasts over 600 thousand (well deserved) subscribers. Carrie is every bit as talented as her brother ‘Tom Fletcher’ and by no means lives in his shadow.

She is a keen reader. She has not only set up her own online book club , but she has written and published two of her own books. She is currently touring with The Adams Family starring as Wednesday Adams and  I can’t wait to go and watch Carrie in her glory this week at Nottingham Royal Theatre. . She is a year older than I am, but she has achieved so much. She is living the life that 5 year old me dreamed of.  She is a singer, song writer, author and she has performed at the West End as Éponine in Les Misérables  in 2016. I  also admire her for remaining so humble despite achieving what most people hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Transformers 5: The last Knight. 

Despite looking forward to seeing this, I was greatly disappointed. I regret ignoring the 1/5 rating on rotten tomatoes. The movie was a mess of never ending explosions supplemented by a thin plot, poorly developed characters and cringy one liners. But for me, it was a massive thumbs down.


Phoria: Violation.


Phoria’s album Violation was released on the 3rd of June last year, however I have only recently recognised the true talents of the Brighton based band. Adam and I were away with work and we were camping on a beach in South Wales. We made a fire and had this album playing as we watched the waves crashing in, and the stars hovering above.  Their electronic yet almost meditative music was perfect for that setting. Pop this album on whilst on long drives, revising or running . Give it a listen, I’m certain you will love it.

Three of my school friends celebrating their engagement

You know who you are! Eeek…. I am so excited for you! Huge congratulations to you all!!

End of Exams!!!!

Just to finish…. to everyone finishing your exams this month. Well done.  Rest assured that your hard work will pay off,  and now you can relax slightly in the knowledge that you are all one step closer to achieving what you want to achieve from life.


That is all from me for now…thanks for reading this blog.

Plenty more to come soon. Have an amazing weekend. 


Cat x


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