10 things to consider before getting a puppy.

Look no further. Here are 10  things you must consider before getting a puppy!


1. Social aspect. 

This can be viewed as both a positive and a negative.

Strangers will suddenly want to chat with you. Quite often they will want to pick up and pat the dog. This is obviously an act of good nature, and in some respects should be expected. However, it can sometimes become tedious, especially when you are asked the same questions…. ‘How old is he?’, ‘What breed is he?’, ‘Can I pet him?’.

Having a puppy reminded me of freshers week in uni. Everyone approaches you with a sense of openness about them.  It becomes very easy to make friends. Puppies are exceptionally good ice breakers and conversation starters. For me, the latter is a blessing.

I suppose it all depends on your personality… do you like to keep yourself to yourself? or would you  welcome new people to talk to?

2.Money makes the world go around.

Sadly, puppies are quite expensive.   Pet insurance, food and vet bills were all things that we took into consideration before purchasing our little pooch ( Oscar) . However, we failed to anticipate those little added extras…

Here is an estimate on how much Adam and I  have spent since January 2017.

Purchase of puppy : £350

Insurance: £33pm (PetPlan)

Vet bills: ( Injections, Ticks and Flea treatment, Worm tablets) £99 +

Training pads: £8 for a pack of 10 x3

Bed, toys, bowls, lead: £32, £10 ,£14, £8

Cleaning supplies : Ongoing…. but +£30 so far

Mattress and duvet he wee’d on : £180 so far

Valet for the car seats he wee’d on : £60 so far

New pyjamas / shoes / gym wear he decided to chew to shreds: £+ 100 and ongoing

Extra room charges when staying at hotels when working away:  £20 ( at travelodge)  for the length of your stay…(not per day)

Doggy passport : £150- £250 depending on which injections you choose to give.

Passenger car window:  Yes, you read that right. Back in March Adam was working in Scotland and left Oscar to sleep on the back seat  for a couple of minutes whilst he nipped quickly to the corner shop. On his return to the car, Adam met by a middle aged gentleman who had witnessed two men shattering Adams passenger window in an attempt to steal Oscar. The middle aged man ….’whom I will always be forever in your dept’…. deterred the thieves and stayed by the car with Oscar until Adam returned seconds after the incident.

3. Accommodation and housemates:

All you renters… listen up!

Unfortunately, very few landlords like our furry friends. Not only can they be loud but they also take the risk of potential furniture damage into consideration. All I suggest is that you complete a quick accommodation search on sites such as ‘spare room’ or ‘right move’ under the filter ” pets allowed”.

After all that,  if you manage to find yourself a pad,  be mindful that your housemates may not value your pooch’s sloppy dog kisses as highly as you do. This can quite quickly lead to fall outs,  tension and unease.

Be also mindful that your relatives,friends an parents may not welcome a dog in their home. My family will not allow Oscar to stay in their home, therefore this makes visiting them difficult.  Having a dog also means that whilst Adam and I are working away we have to rely on dog friendly hotel rooms, dog friendly cafe’s and pubs, or kind friends to accommodate the little pooch.

5. Exercise

Yes …no shocker…..Puppies need exercise!

Adam and I never found this challenging. Adam works outdoors and can take Oscar to work with him.  However, what happens if you work too much? Can you still consider having a dog?

Recently, it has become easier to working full time + own a puppy + ensure that puppy is getting all the cuddles and walks it deserves.  The amazing revelation that is  www.borrowmydoggy.com , allows you to connect with other dog lovers in your area. These dog lovers are willing to walk and care for  your cute pooch for free whilst you are at work. Imagine that! A win – win for all.

If you think that you will struggle financially to own a dog, but still want to care for a little furry friend,  borrowmydoggy.com  would be an excellent option for you.

For those of you wanting to lose weight, get fit and spend more time outdoors, having a dog is the most perfect option for you.  Also, people suffering from depression and loneliness would benefit no end from spending time with a puppy. It is very hard to avoid socialisation and exercise with a puppy …and lets face it they’re pretty cute and very lovable.  Unlike humans, they don’t hold a grudge and they are always excited to see you!

6.Lie ins

Unfortunately, lie ins are  a thing of the past. Fail to get up early? You will no doubt be left with a smelly brown present on your carpet.

In some ways, I value this early wake up call. I have definitely been more productive over the last couple of month due to waking up early.  One must however take into consideration the puppy related work load, such as hovering, picking up poo etc. Swings and roundabouts I guess!

7. Puppy Mills

Adam and I were toying with the idea of getting a puppy and one night we had a ‘now or never moment’ when we spotted Oscar on on preloved.com and knew immediately that we wanted him.

However a few months following purchasing Oscar I read about Puppy Mills…. This is something Adam and I wished we had read before purchasing a puppy. https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-puppy-mills

Therefore you will need to consider ….Where do you get your puppy from? What are your thoughts on commercial breeding? Can you alternatively give a shelter dog the love and care it deserves?

8. Growing

‘Puppies aren’t puppies for long’, ‘They will soon grow’ .

People will tell you this time and time again, as if dogs aren’t quite as lovable.  I couldn’t disagree more.

The most rewarding part about having a puppy (in my eyes) is watching him develop and grow.  Last week, I almost cried out of happiness when Oscar finally mastered how to swim, because I remember how hesitant and scared he was only a month or so ago.

You spend months teaching them to sit, shake is paw, lie down, roll over…and when the penny finally drops- it is really the best feeling ever!

9.Food begging. 

Like it or not , your puppy will beg for food.

It can become very annoying quite quickly.  You must establish clear rules for your puppy straight from the get go regarding this.  You must also ensure your family and friends also abide by the same rules.

Oscar once sulked because I wouldn’t give him  the teabag i took out of my boiling hot tea. He has also refused to eat his own food with the hope of stealing some of mine.

10. You can make it work.

Like anything, if you want something enough you can make it work.

I know this blog has somewhat concentrated on the negative parts of dog ownership . But I promise the cuddles and companionship is worth it. I cannot imagine my life without Oscar, and he really does bring Adam and I so much joy.

I hope you benefited from reading this blog, if you did please leave a comment and consider subscribing for more similar content!

Many thanks,

Cat xx

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