Starting our blog – What to expect

Starting our blog…

Now days there are millions of bloggers outsourcing their own flare on the internet for the world to see. Most people use blogging as means of expressing their hobbies, views and opinions, and I guess we are just the same. Or are we?   What makes us different? Why bother if it has all been done before?

Well everyone is different right? There is not one person on planet earth who has lived an identical life to another . Sure, perhaps there are cases where people have been present in the same environment, participated in the same acts, had the same opinions ….however  expression is individual.  What I’m trying to get at is that we are all individuals and as individuals we are inherently different in the way we think, feel and express ourselves.   Sure we can all be influenced , for example, we are greatly influenced by  Ben Brown or Nicole Eddy .They create excellent content for the world to view on a regular basis in a variety of forms from written blogs to visual vibes ( vlogging) .  So I guess …this is a platform to express our own individual story , as well as a platform to engage with you. We want to look back at this blog in a few years time and find joy in reflection of our experiences, and think – “We did that”.

Here are some pointers, a rough guideline I guess , on what to expect from out blog over the next few months;

  • Oscar – Our super adorable Cocker Spaniel. He’s cute and cheeky.  Sometimes a handful but one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
  • Work – Luckily we both have pretty cool jobs, Cat is a physio and I am a sports coach (canoe slalom) and guide (rafting,kayaking,tubing). We both work in exciting and stimulating environments  that we love.
  • Sport – I ( Adam)  plan on doing everything i can to reach the Tokyo 2020 games in the C1 mens class of canoe slalom. I will use this  platform to document my journey to 2020  over the next few months/years.
  • Fitness – Cats a keen yogi and loves to try new forms of exercise out. We both have a pretty good background in sport and exercise so we’re be keen to us this to write a reasonable “NO BS” approach to things we do.
  • Adventures – Both of us love being  outdoors and of course Oscar shares that love too. Canoeing and work to a certain degree take us to some pretty cool places with lots to explore.
  • Fashion – This is Cats realm…
  • Music – Cat sings too… Yup shes awesome.
  • Lifestyle – This will be a pretty organic category, regularly updated with monthly faves, spotify playlists, and so on….


So now you have a good idea of what to expect….its time to discuss our name….

“Do more things that make you happy”…

It’s the goal right? Why sit around doing nothing …or even worse doing things that you really don’t enjoy. Now obviously you can’t escape every tedious chore.However,  investing  a little time each day doing things you love (or that make you happy) is vital in my eyes to live a long, enjoyable and  healthy life . It’s something Cat and I talked about when we first started dating, In someways, this belief  brought us together. In hindsight , it’s out little mantra, it’s the question we ask our self’s before we do plan, make decisions or do anything quite frankly…. Will it make us happy? Will it be exciting? If so….. then do so.

In conclusion, I hope this post sums up what to expect over the next few months. I you are keen to get involved in out journey please see the social media links in the header above. Leave a  comment below and subscribe for more updates!

Thanks for reading!



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