“Run” by Foo Fighters

So… Cat and I  were beyond excited when we found out that the Foo Fighters had  released their new song and video “Run” from the up and coming album “Concrete and gold” . So here are my thoughts ( Adam)… a review of some sort I guess. Sit comfy.

“Run” is different… not in a trying to re invent the past and epically failing kind of different …but refreshingly different. The kind of advancement that smells like a sudden change of era.

It’s a mix. A melting pot of goodness.  An assembly of high energy riffs, pounding drums and Dave’s ridiculously amazing voice which were all too evident during their early high energy content…… mixed with their somewhat softer recent ‘stadium rock feel’… ‘best of you’ for example

“Run” still delivers those enhancing slow, hard stadium hooks that the band are so well known for these days. Run’s softer intro lures the listener into  a relaxing  lull of security, only to be roused by gripping vocals signalling… “Wake up , Run for your life with me” over a background of chanting vocal and melodic picking. This is however only a small hint of whats to come, a warning shot I guess. Suddenly the music is cranked up to eleven, but still maintains it composure in its clever, deliberate, meticulously written melody and scripture.

Screamo, Smashing drums and aggressive guitars engaged…Yup we’re all running with you guys now!!

I never fail to engage with the the foo fighters lyrics , but I do think that their lyrics especially in this song are quite simplistic and repeated over and over again… One may argue that this is their main talent.. complementing their oustanding musical abilities with simple lyrical messages. They demonstrate the ability to stimulate a wide array of emotions using music rather than lyrics. One may argue that adding further lyrics may complement the track further ..and perhaps allow the listener to  gain a deeper meaning from the song – using not only the melodic engagement but also the story from the lyrics.


“Before the time runs out
There’s somewhere to run
Wake up
Run for your life with me
Wake up
Run for your life with me

In another perfect life
In another perfect light
We run
We run
We run

The repetition of the  lyrics and progressive change in the dynamics airs a sense of  urgency and panic ……”before time runs out”… which can be perceived in a variety of different ways. My take is that alternative music is in a state of flux at the moment. Many talents have sadly deceased. Most recently Chris Cornell, one of the greatest lyricists ever in my opinion. Maybe this is a call to arms. “In another perfect life/In another perfect light /We run” is a chant to the past. A refection on whats been and gone….. but not over…there is still time, there is still more to make from this, more to come.

So this is my take on the  track  “Run”. It’s not necessarily running away…. but running towards something…… that something can be anything you want it to be. I am guilty of reading into things to much and maybe I am a tad optimistic…. but all in all……”Run” is a solid 3 out 5 for me.




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